Caught in the Crossfire, but made it out

In today’s society, it is so easy for you to get caught up in the cares of this world, pushing everything else aside. I spent the summer working night and day, I left the blog high and dry. But let’s get in full gear to finish the book. If you haven’t already read the first 11 chapters, better catch up!!!

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The Baptism

In today’s society there are various forms of baptism: sprinkling, immersion, etc but the only one that follows the template of Jesus is the one by immersion. Baptism should only take place when the mind has developed to understand the truths Jesus gave and has the cognizant ability to make decisions.

In the reading of the chapter, we start off with the note that people were spreading news, of John the Baptist who was telling others that Jesus was soon to come, like wildfire. When some heard the news they responded and the time had come when the news reached Jesus. He answered the call to ministry and left His earthly parents’ home to do the work of God. Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins but though this was the familial association, it bore no value in their growing up for they had no direct acquaintance. [Imagine having a cousin and never seeing or speaking to him or her for over 25 years!] Continue reading “The Baptism”

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The Voice in the Wilderness

From among the faithful in Israel, those who were waiting for Jesus to come, the forerunner of Christ arose. Whenever I think about the voice in the wilderness, I immediately think of John the Baptist, born of Zacharias and Elisabeth, who was crying “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” Though many signs foretold of Jesus’ coming, the forerunner had to prepare the way for the person of who was to follow. Imagine a relay, you’re the starting man, and you have to pass the baton on to the person who will get to the finish line, so it was the same way between John and Jesus. It’s pretty cool though that His own cousin was given the blessed opportunity to be God’s only Son’s forerunner. Continue reading “The Voice in the Wilderness”

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Days of Conflict

If you grew up with siblings, you know the struggles of inner family bullying. Jesus even understood what it meant to grow up in such an environment, I grew up with three sisters, two older and one younger. But anyway Jesus understands how I felt because He lived the experience. Jewish children were surrounded by requirements of the rabbis, you had to follow the rules they set, though rigid they were. Imagine growing up living a robotic life, robotic because everything you did or said was controlled by the rabbis, no wonder Jesus paid them no mind. They created traditions that you were to follow and Jesus, because He constantly studied the Scriptures, did not align Himself with such because it was not according to “Thus saith the Lord.” The condition of the people opened His mind to seeing the contrast between man’s societal requirements and God’s; the societal rules were supposed to be in line with God’s but because of the inventions of man, there was various collisions. Continue reading “Days of Conflict”

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The Passover Visit

We’re going on a trip, by our own God-given feet, headed to the city called Jerusalem….(only if you know the Little Einsteins tune, you’d get it), but yes the family, Mary, Joseph and Jesus went on a trip to Jerusalem to take part in the feast of the Passover. Why did Jesus finally get to join His parents on this trip? According to the Jewish customs, when you passed or rather reached the age of 12, you were leaving childhood and entered the phase of becoming a youth. At this age you were now a son of the law and also of God, you had more responsibilities, one of which included participation in sacred feasts and observances. So Jesus gets to travel to Jerusalem for the Passover, yay for  youth-hood, goodbye childhood! The feast of the Passover was widely attended, everyone came from their various and respective cities to celebrate the Passover. Women and old men rode on their donkeys or cows while the strong men traveled by foot. They sojourned in great companies for fellowship and protection. Heading back to the city, you could call it “Memory lane” for along the journey one could reminisce about the past history of Israel. In triumphant song they sang “Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem, peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces” [Psalm 122:2-7].  Continue reading “The Passover Visit”

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As A Child

Luke 2:39,40: “And when they had performed all things according to the law of the Lord, they returned into Galilee, to their own city Nazareth. And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.”

Growing up as a child, my parents instilled very important principles and morals in me to help guide my life in the way of the Lord. Continue reading “As A Child”

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We Have Seen His Star

Since this chapter is based on Matthew 2, I thought it was beneficial to read it first. We’ve backtracked to the days when Jesus was a young infant child. We read about the story of the wise men appearing at the side of the young child Jesus bearing gifts. Bearing gifts to Jesus showed that offerings from the heart that loves, God delights to honor…If we have given our hearts to Jesus, we shall bring our gifts to Him too. There was also the part where Herod wanted to eradicate the “threat” Jesus “posed” to his throne, but the Spirit of God moved upon His earthly parents to help save His life by moving to Egypt. All things were taken care of by God.

God is in control.

Continue reading “We Have Seen His Star”